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Record Retrieval

RRS offers secure, professional, and expedient solutions to the costly and time-consuming process of retrieving and supplying medical records to various requestors.

An RRS account manager will personally handle your account, overseeing all transactions and ensuring that you will receive only the best quality of service. This person will serve as your direct point of contact for all future communications and will handle any questions or problems that may arise, quickly becoming a valuable addition to your staff.

With RRS as your retrieval service, you can rest assured that our high employee retention rate guarantees that your account manager will be available to address your company’s needs for years to come. RRS is well-known and appreciated for the high quality of personal customer service we provide our customers and has come to be considered a valuable asset to many local businesses.

Our services are designed to handle the largest accounts in the same manner the smallest accounts are handled – personally, efficiently, and successfully. We offer fully customizable documentation, processing, and billing methods to suit the needs of your company, big or small. We want our processes to seamlessly integrate with your own so transition and adaptation to our services is easy and painless.

We treat all of our customers with the same high quality and personal service, regardless of the size of their business. Your account representative will not only demonstrate this level of service - which has quickly come to be our trademark - but should be considered part of your staff. You need only ask and you will see that we can accommodate any request you may have.

We abide by all state and federal statutes. If you would like to request a sample of our standard paperwork used during our request process, please contact one of the Senior Account Specialists for your State. All forms are completely customizable so if you have a format you prefer simply send it to us and we will add it to your account profile.

Click here to see an outline of our record retrieval process so you will have a better idea of how the service works.


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