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Record Reproductions Solutions

Founded in 1994, Record Reproduction Solutions (RRS) is the definitive leader in record retrieval services for the legal and insurance industries.

Central to the RRS retrieval process is its well-trained staff of certified paralegals, many of whom have been with RRS for five or more years. This high employee retention rate with regard to our record retrieval specialists has been key in building and maintaining positive working relationships with hundreds of medical providers (and their record custodians) in addition to providing you with the fastest turnaround time possible.

In many cases, our staff can reduce the time it takes to obtain medical records through their familiarity with the ROI policies of individual providers – whereas other companies may need to make two or three calls just to learn the process.

RRS uses cutting edge technology coupled with exceptionally trained certified paralegals to provide the highest levels of service possible. After all, we believe that it is our representative’s relationships with providers – as well as their ability and training to create those relationships – that will, in the end, provide you with the satisfaction and service you deserve.

RRS invests hundreds of hours per year in training our staff in order to ensure that your requests are being handled in the most efficient manner possible. Providing patient confidentiality is our greatest concern and our staff ensures strict adherence to HIPAA guidelines with each and every record request. Our employees are required to follow our company’s guiding principals at all times.

RRS is dedicated to providing all of its customers with a consistent level of service that always exceeds its customer’s expectations.

Benefits of
Partnering with Us

  • State of the art Software

  • Realtime status and access to records

  • Verify Providers Address and Request Process

  • Pay Providers Fees for Records

  • Make All Necessary Follow Up Calls

  • Provide Detailed Status to All Parties

  • Certified Copy of Records

  • Deliver Records to All Involved Parties

  • Day Request Processing

  • A Network of HIPAA Trained Field Reps

  • Domestic Call Center

  • Communication Tools to Reduce Calls

  • Flat Rate Services Can Save You Up To 40%

  • Customized Solutions to Suit Your Needs

  • Online or Traditional Request Processes

  • Account Representative

  • Flexible Billing Options

Our Principles

RRS invests hundreds of hours per year in training to ensure that your requests are handled in the most efficient manner possible.  Providing patient confidence is our greatest concern and our staff ensures strict adherence to HIPAA guidelines with each record request. Our locally based call center staff has an average of 5 years with RRS. RRS demands that each employee adheres to our companies’ principals as they are a direct representation of your company. principals as they are a direct representation of your company

ExpressDoc™  allows  for seamless communications between RRS, Providers, Underwriters and Attorneys and IME Providers, allowing all interested parties secure access to the status of each step in the requesting process. Requests can be made via fax or the ExpressDoc™ website or via our customizable web application in bulk. Each request is distributed the Same-Day to the proper medical provider ensuring that your request is handled as quickly as possible. On each request, we utilize not only overnight carriers but our network of field reps that are equipped with scanners to travel to the provider and scan the requested documents on-site

RRS offers our best in class technology, ExpressDoc™
Tracking of re- quests can be done easily through our ExpressDoc™ Retrieval System. ExpressDoc™ is easy to use
and has been designed with attention to detail. We interviewed many of our customers in the legal and insurance community to determine what they needed in an effective system. We
took this information and incorporated it into ExpressDoc™
to provide you with a comprehensive tool for requesting
and tracking records.





CEO and founder, Jon Leonhardt, formed an executive team that has over a combined 150 years of experience in medical record retrieval procurement services. For nearly 30 years, RRS has specialized in obtaining medical records for insurance companies, law firms and pharmaceutical companies. RRS offers best in class technology that they developed with years of experience in both legal and medical industries. ExpressDoc software offers our clients all the necessary tools for a record retrieval system. RRS is the leader in obeying HIPPA laws since 2014 with each and every request for records they receive. 


Providing patient confidentiality is our greatest concern and our team ensures a strict adherence of HIPPA guidelines. Technology is a valuable tool, but the real reason for our success is our experienced and dedicated employees.

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