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Security & Technology

Your data security revolves around a combination of secure technology and human vulnerabilities. All employees of RRS are fully trained and certified to identify all types of attacks. Additionally, staff is also trained on how to react if attacks do occur to mitigate damages and loss.


Data security goes well beyond firewalls, malware, and virus protection. Education of employees is one of many factors necessary to reduce breaches from social engineering hackers, phishing, and a variety of other evolving attacks on your systems and data.


RRS uses technology to provide not only the security you need but at the same time provides centralized, easy access to organized records for all authorized parties.

Features and  benefits:

RRS utilizes state-of-the-art antivirus/malware programs in addition to DLP and IPS monitoring to ensure the safety of your data.


​Risk assessments and comprehensive written security policies address all the activities relating to the handling and management of your data.


Background and drug test requirements for all employees.

Independent audit logs, reviewed regularly, for a clear and rebuildable picture of all network and application activities.


​Employee education programs established to certify incident prevention and identification is being upheld.


RRS features AWS for advanced, compliant, and secure hosting.  

RRS offices are protected with key card access, 24/7 video surveillance, and backup building generators to give you continuous access and security.


​ExpressDoc record retrieval software utilizes 128-bit encryption with unique user IDs and passwords.


​Internal workstations at Record Reproduction Solutions can only be accessed by authorized users, with unique user identifications and strong passwords.


Downtime is eliminated with the use of virtualized servers with multiple instances. ​


Next-generation firewall and IDS/IPS services are continuously updated to address any security vulnerabilities.


​Annual security tests performed on RRS systems by 3rd party penetration testing (PEN Testing).

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