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Our Core Service


Convert diagnostic images  to digital or physical media



Medical record review and analysis to speed your discovery process.

Record Procuremen


Our Core Service

Record Retrieval Solutions from RRS (Record Reproduction Solutions) provides you with many benefits including: ease of ordering, quick turnaround, centralized records, and excellent customer service.

More than a quarter century of experience combined with the latest technology and dedicated personnel allows us to save our customers time by providing easy access to records to efficiently run their practice or business.

RRS has extensive experience working with claims staff and legal counsel nationwide. We specialize in record retrieval via subpoena or authorization. RRS has the ability to secure records from hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, employers, insurance companies, Medicare, IRS, Social Security Administration and all other private and government entities.  


The fastest way to get records.

Ensuring a Positive Solution for your Record Retrieval Experience!

Easy Ordering

  • Ability to quickly enter your document order requests via our secure web portal.

  • Your profile includes pre-populated information that makes ordering streamlined and efficient.

  • Organized database which enables to search and quickly add items to your order.

  • Upload necessary support documents, such as HIPAA authorization, along with your order.


Organized Records

  • Records can be viewed electronically, copied to CD-ROM, or printed.

  • Share records with co-counsel, adjusters, management and experts securely.

Fast Turnaround Time

  • RRS has long-term relationships with record custodians nationwide.
    This enables our team to promptly submit the request for documents to the right custodian.

  • We advance custodian fees to expedite the turnaround process up to a pre-determined, mutually agreed upon amount.

  • Our retrieval team is supported by the latest technology to pinpoint which records are outstanding, what information is required to release the records and fulfill any special client requests.


Centralized Storage

  • Claims staff, legal counsel, expert witness, and management are given unique user IDs and passwords to access the records via our secure portal to optimize efficiency.

  • Promotes a paperless environment and allows for anytime/anywhere access to records.





Film Conversion

Film Conversion

Convert diagnostic images  to digital or physical media

Key Features

  • Scanning X-Rays from film to disc in a variety of formats.

  • X-Ray Printing on film from disc or digital image.

  • Scanning X-Rays for Exhibits or Digital Projection Displays.

  • DICOM Disc Duplication.

  • X-Ray Copy Service.

  • X-ray blow ups – mounted & laminated.

Record Organizing


Medical record review and analysis to speed your discovery process.

RRS offers medical record review and analysis. Medical record chronologies and summaries are prepared by qualified and experienced nurse reviewers. A tiered-service approach is offered to provide a cost-efficient solution. These services, when combined with our record retrieval process, provide an integrated solution for our clients.

Key Features

  • Quick turnaround.

  • Records organized by report types and dates for ease of review.

  • Table of contents in date order with hyperlinks.

  • Hyperlink to the actual records from the index for quick navigation.

  • Records can be combined and indexed to chronological order with OCR for fast searching and reporting.

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